Treatment for Arthrosis

Arthrosis is the term given to wear and tear on the joints that either exceeds the extent that would be normal for the patient’s age or occurs as a result of old age. Its cause is ultimately an imbalance between the stress placed on the cartilage surrounding the joint and the body’s ability to replace the worn cartilage.

The reasons for this may include:

  • excessive strain (sport, profession, being overweight)

  • congenital or injury-related malposition of the joints

  • joint damage following accidents

  • chronic inflammation

Osteoarthritis may develop relatively painlessly to a very advanced stage. Therefore, it is not advisable for patients to wait for improvement or even start self-treatment. The sooner the medical consultation starts, the better results the arthrosis patient can achieve. Many causes of osteoarthritis can be corrected directly: in these cases, passive waiting is dangerous for the health of the joints.

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Treatment for Arthrosis

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