Physiotherapy during pregnancy

The main objective of physiotherapy during pregnancy is to prevent and / or treat pelvic floor problems and lumbar-pelvic pain. A problem that can affect 40% of pregnant people.
Second, the objective of physiotherapy is to prepare the body during childbirth, that is, to prepare the pelvic floor so that it is not injured, and to prepare the abdominal muscles so that the pregnant person can cooperate to the maximum during delivery.

What will we work on?

In the second trimester:

Prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence: Different scientific research shows that pregnant people who perform pelvic exercises during pregnancy can prevent urinary incontinence at the end of pregnancy and after childbirth.

Prevention of low back and pelvic pain: Performing lumbar pelvic stabilization exercises during pregnancy can improve the stability and balance of the lower back, thus reducing the risk of back pain.

In the third trimester:

Prepare the pelvic floor muscles, ligaments, and fascia so that they can withstand the maximum stretching force during delivery to avoid tearing or the need for an episiotomy.
Preparing the abdominal muscles can improve thrust control during the birthing process, promoting decline and delivery.


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